First Draft Complete: Reincarnated as a Familiar Update #7

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I hit a pretty significant milestone this week. My first draft is complete! I’ve also been working on some fun things on the side. Not to mention, I haven’t posted in a few weeks, so there’s a lot to talk about!

A lack of updates

First, I want to talk about the reason that I haven’t posted for a few weeks. Mainly, I hit a trough in my motivation. I frequently suffered with motivation problems over the years and I’ve learned over the years that the best thing I can do is minimize the damage. Powering through just doesn’t work for me.

So, I ended up cutting several things temporarily until I could get back into the groove. The blog was one victim, and extra writing practice was another. Getting rid of all of this helped me keep focused on my manuscript, which is priority number one. Now that I’m back to feeling more like myself, I’m hoping to start building back up slowly.

First draft complete!

Now, let’s talk about fun and exciting things! First up is the news that my first draft is complete! I managed to keep moving at my desired pace and finished it off this week. This is a massive milestone for me personally as it’s a first for me! Now, I get to move on to the fun task of editing.

I’m a little nervous about editing, but I know it needs to be done. I’ve got a few essential points in regards to the plot and characters that I think need improvement. I’m planning on using the weekends and whatever hours I can find during the week to do the editing.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to keep my regular writing schedule. The plan is to start on volume two of Reincarnated as a Familiar. I do have another project idea, but I want to get a few volumes of this out before I dive into that.

Title logos and character designs!

For the last bit of fun, I’ve got some other things that I’ve been working on. First, we have the title logo that I’m using as the image for this post! I worked with a good friend of mine to design this. It may not be the most mindblowing thing in the world, but I really love it.

Second, we have character designs for my two main characters done by Yura’s Arts on twitter! The girl’s name is Lesti, and the cat’s name is Astria. They’ll both be heavily featured in the novel, but the story will be told from Astria’s perspective.

Lesti and Astria

That’s all the updates I’ve got for this week. I’m hoping to have another update with some fun stuff next week, but that probably depends on how work goes this week. Once again, thanks for reading!

First Draft Complete: Reincarnated as a Familiar Update #7

2 thoughts on “First Draft Complete: Reincarnated as a Familiar Update #7

  1. I must say that the first volume was very intriguing and has a lot of interesting ideas of magic theories, which I don’t feel a lot of other stories have. It’s very well made and love the characters personalities, which makes it a very enjoyable ride. I really look forward to the next volume. 🙂

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