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Reincarnated as a Familiar Volume 1 Cover

Reincarnated into a new world as a cat!?
A young teacher finds herself reborn with only fuzzy, damaged memories of her past life. Even worse, she’s stuck in the body of a cat and can’t remember her own name. Summoned by a young mage girl named Lesti, she takes up the name Astri and becomes the girl’s familiar. However, things won’t be easy for her. The pair immediately find themselves in trouble over Astria’s summoning. What’s more, Lesti is at the bottom of her class and has almost no power of her own! On top of all that, she seeks to use Astria’s potential to turn society in this new world on its head. With a new body and abilities that she doesn’t understand, will Astria be able to grant Lesti’s desire?

A new adventure full of magic, friendship, and whiskers begins!

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Volume 1:  Available for sale on Amazon!
Volume 2: Available for sale on Amazon!
Audiobook Publisher’s Pack: Books 1-2: Available for preorder on Amazon/Audible!

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