A Boring Week: Reincarnated as a Familiar Update #5

Welcome to another weekly update on my light novel, Reincarnated as a Familiar. I think the only thing I can say about this week is that it was a boring week overall. It’s the first boring week that I’ve had since I started this journey. 

On the plus side, I finished chapter 6 on schedule, and I’m pretty happy with the results. This chapter was like a miniature arc within the story. I’m interested to see how I’ll feel about it once I get to the editing phase.

I even had some extra time this week to start working on a side story. So, I decided to focus on a fun a silly story that features the main character. I enjoy putting her into ridiculous or embarrassing situations quite a bit. 

On the downside, there were no significant lessons learned or barriers to overcome this week. That’s what made it a boring week for me. Ever since I started writing, there’s been so much to learn and problems to solve that it made my head spin, so it’s weird not to have any of that this week. Maybe I’m starting to get into a rhythm? 

If things continue to be this calm, I’ll probably start looking to ramp up my writing time. I’ve held off on doing it because I wanted to make sure I formed a habit before making any massive changes. I’ll probably use the extra time to work on side stories.

My reasoning for that is that side stories are low risk. If I find out that trying to write more starts to wreck my motivation, I can go back to my previous schedule without losing much. Trial and error is my bread and butter. 

That’s all I’ve got for this week’s update. Hopefully, next week’s update will be more interesting. Thanks for reading!

A Boring Week: Reincarnated as a Familiar Update #5

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